Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blue or lilac?

Now you know me... I am the first to admit that colouring kittens? Not something I would list as an achievement. I do seem to have a particular issue with lilacs- I think they are blues. Apparently I can't recognise a lilac if it jumped up and purred at me.

But I think I could be forgiven for the confusion here.

I mean, that's a blue kitten, right? That's absolutely a blue kitten. (if anything its sister Lola who is looking a bit lilac-y there, and that's a whole nother post!)


That is not a blue kitten. It is a lilac kitten, or rather, a lilac cat, because at the grand old age of 6 months, I suppose they would be terribly offended to be thought of as babies (they will always be babies to me!) Lottie, here, looks just like Mama Indigo.

And again, I would say that was a lilac cat too. As an aside, not sure how old they are here, but I'm assuming they've both stayed smallish cats- they were both small as kittens weren't they? Well, the whole litter was smallish but Lottie and Lola were the smallest of the lot! Maybe not though- Bailey, who was average sized (but the biggest in the Von Trapp litter) is getting to be quite a big cat, I think Sulley might be as well. But my diddiest kitten from the REM litter, Lisl (Hope) stayed small, so I assume L and L will do so too.

I don't half go on... back to colour now...

But here? Here she looks more blue.... but not as blue as I would have expected given her earlier pictures. But still blue!

As I said yesterday, and as you can see in the picture above as well, they have a sufficiently different eye colour now to let us assume Lola is indeed mink and Lottie is a solid (so I am improving!!!) but oooooh I am undecided about Lottie's colour now. Grr!

Any opinions? Lottie and Lola's family don't mind a bit (remember Lottie has already distinguished herself by being undecided as to whether she was male or female for many weeks, she was thought to bea girl, then a boy and she was going to be called Charlie as in Charlie and Lola!) but it is a source of never ending frustration to me to not have this whole colour thing a little more secure in my mind than I currently do.


But they are beautiful, and this post has given me an excellent excuse to post more lovely Lottie and Lola pictures. Which is always a good thing! You must be very proud of them K and family- I know I am.


  1. You lost me after the first four words, pet! :0)

  2. Gorgeous kitties!
    If i'm allowed to offer my opinion - L & L look just like my Jakey & Jonah, although i would say Lola is more blue looking than Jonah, so blue mink?! And looking at Lottie looks just like Jakey, perhaps not as dark but just as blue, although i think Jacob has lightened quite a bit over the last few months ( just as Jonah has darkened!) Ooh, soo complicated - over to you Beth!

  3. Oh, opinions most definately allowed, indeed welcomed! So you think blue after all? Interesting. I've been studying Inds today (she's been parked on top of me all day so it hasn't been hard, note to self: perhaps she might be needing some Ovarid soon?)and her nose is much more 'mushroomy' than Lottie's. Lottie's is more a slate grey colour that would be typical of a blue not a pinky beigey mushroom colour of a lilac.

    Hmph! And I was really hoping I'd nailed it with this litter!!!

  4. I was thinking about the nose colours too, Lottie's is the same colour as Jacob's and Jonah has the pinky mushroomy colour of his Mama's - helpful?!

  5. Definitely. Jakey's a blue solid- never any doubt there- and Jonah I think we decided lilac didn't we, and lilac solid given his body colour and eyes. Defo not blue mink as I had registered him. And Alfie we decided caramel solid I think, like his bro Kensey.

    So possibly Lottie *is* a blue then, and it's just lighting and me being entirely paranoid? (lol because me being paranoid would be totally out of character, of course...)

  6. I'm still not convinced my boy is a chocolate solid, he looks more like a mink to me! Still, according to some Tonk websites, their full colour doesn't kick in til they are 2, so breeders can be forgiven for being confused.
    All I know is that they are soft, cuddly and gorgeous.
    I love Lotties face, she looks so mellow and mature. And I love that furry belly!
    I'm going to e-mail you a recent photo of my boy, you are welcome to use it if you want.
    I love these blues and lilacs, they really remind me of the Siamese I grew up with.
    In that last picture, does one have greeny gold eyes and the other blue?

  7. I understand the chocolates are the hardest to decide... what colour are his eyes?

    I'll post him on here *grin* could you mail me his pedigree name (credit where its due and all that, he's lush!)

  8. I've e-mailed you. He goes to the vet tomorrow. No food down for 12 hours.. they are all going to go nuts and we wont get any sleep.. argh!!