Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blue, Blue, Blue...

And more blue! L and L's family sent me some new pictures today, and this is Lottie... no doubt about that in this pic is there? She's a blue! A blue solid Tonkinese. No question. Funny the effect of different lighting isn't it?

(I'm ridiculously pleased...)

Here's Lola, blue mink Tonkinese. You can see her points are the same colour as her sister's, yet her body colour is lighter and warmer.

Aren't they beautiful pictures? Lottie and Lola, now that they are neutered, (reminder, if you haven't, now is the time!)  have started being allowed out for supervised garden time, and by the looks of it are loving it!

And just for comparison, here's Theo, my blue point Birman. Now try to imagine his colouration in a Tonkinese body, and minus the white paws, and this would be a blue point Tonkinese.

There are three different colourpoint patterns in the Tonk breed, solid, mink and (confusingly) pointed. Indigo can't have pointed kittens, for which I am eternally grateful because can you imagine the confusion I'd get into trying to sort out THREE different point possibilities rather than just the two? Colours are bad enough!

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  1. Sunlight is THE best light to judge. The camera copes with it better for a start.
    What beauties! Definatley blue. Look at those faces, great big eyes, what an adventure they are having!
    I took Mojo out on a lead so he didn't run free, otherwise he'd probably wreck the house left in on his own while the big boys were out, or wail like mad. He couldn't go anywhere further than a couple of meters but didn't mind. He just liked to chew the grass and watch Dom catching bees.