Monday, 14 November 2011

Sorry for the delay

A lost camera (which is still lost, am trying to get used to my camera phone in the interim) some extra work and a very needy Indigo have all conspired against getting anything on the blog. I have a nice 6 week bump picture, but it's on the lost camera! I'll post it when I find it. Yes, I do mislay things quite often... hehe.

Other than that we are all well and getting used to cooler weather. The cats all have their thicker winter coat and are looking fluffier as a result, this is particularly marked in Theo of course. We also lost Theo's walking harness and had to hastily email over to my US relations to send one- the ones we use you can't buy over here any more. Of course we then found the harness- in the washing machine. Theo still has his daily walks throughout the winter, but they are shorter, in the summer he would happilly stroll about for some time, in the winter ten minutes and he's done... which suits me fine!

I was cuddling Indigo earlier with my hand on her belly and there's very definitely some movement there now. In fact, I thought I could detect three seperate patches of movement- on the one side that is! Of course that's only a bit of fun, last time I was sure she was having four kittens... she ended up having six. I shall still try and guess though. Simple pleasures for simple minds!

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