Tuesday, 22 November 2011


If you type 'Indikon' into Google, I'm the third entry. Given that it's just the name of a colour, albeit in another language, I'm pretty pleased with that actually!

If you type 'Tonkinese' in, well, lets just say I stopped looking at page 20. Hehe. Ditto 'Tonkinese kittens'. The top 20 pages of images  for both don't have any of my piccies on either. Not quite conquered the market yet then...

'Tonkinese blog' puts me right at the top though... and second and third, actually. Whoo! Even 'Tonkinese diary' I'm on the second page. I'm hoping blogging is my niche- it's not that no-one else does kitten diaries, they do, but... oh I dunno. I think my families last year really liked having a daily update on their new baby anyway, so it was worthwhile to do it!

Erm... and that's today's entry. Not really a point to it, but that's just how we roll here hehe


  1. Well I certainly did...........and still do, so keep blogging!

  2. I shall! I'm hoping to have some more readers soon- 'Your Cat' magazine are doing a special on the Tonkinese breed in their January edition- out mid December lol- and I've got a titchy advert on that page. Whoo! So hopefully I will have a couple of new readers from that. If you're reading this, and came from 'Your Cat' let me know!