Wednesday, 30 November 2011

9 Week Bump

Poor Inds! She's huge, uncomfortable, and her bump has dropped- this is the equivalent to the head engaging in humans. As a result she's going to the toilet frequently as there's just no room inside her for anything but kitten. Unfortunately for me she has decided to toilet pretty much anywhere but the litter trays, despite them being clean... *sigh*... so I've been doing a lot of cleaning up and washing.

I have put down some relaxing spray stuff to see if that helps chill her out a bit as I'd really rather she used the (perfectly adequate!) litter trays, as opposed to my jacket, her beds, my (fabric) computer chair...

Still. The nest is ready, the sofa cavity is stuffed up with blankets so she can't get underneath there, ditto the cubbies in the cat trees. I will be sleeping in with Inds for the next little while and getting up every hour or two to check on her. The emergency vet number is programmed into the satnav, the equipment is sterilising, all the kittening supplies are ready and waiting. We're all set. All I need now is for Indie to do her thing and we'll have us some kittens!

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  1. But not tomorrow, pretty please, Indigo!