Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I went to get the kittening box today ( a large, shallow plastic tub) as Indigo has been showing increasing interest in climbing into small spaces and scratching about; nesting behaviour, in fact. So it was time to provide her with a nest, lest she decide to use the bathtub, towel cupboard or any other such unwanted place. Anyway I took it down from the wardrobe and realised it was cracked right across the bottom. Bah!

So I plundered the teenager's room and 'borrowed' a nice plastic underbed storage tray. It's actually bigger than the last tub, so more room for her to stretch out- just as well as she's massive and still  has two weeks to go! I can't see her having a small litter, I wouldn't be surprised if it's six again by the size of her. Of course I'm now going to look a complete berk when she has two...

I was a little concerned Indigo would object to a different tub, but she seemed to know exactly what it was and settled in it most happily. She hasn't gone to the toilet in it yet (one must mark ones territory, lol... she did last year anyway!) but I suppose that won't be far off. Ah well, that's why I use plastic, and blankets wash! I'll pop it in a warm, quiet corner and drape blankets over the side as well, like I did last year, and it should make a very nice snug little nest for mama and babies.

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  1. LOL - I bet she has five girls and two boys - and we know what that means!!! It's written in the stars!
    J x