Monday, 9 May 2011

Ugh, ugh and UGH!

Ah... Indigo's allergy? She has FLEAS! Or rather, she has an allergy to flea saliva, which amounts to the same thing really. My baby is being nibbled.

Ok, and she has a food allergy too, as I'd thought. Two allergies. The food allergy is still there, and as far as I know sorted, because we changed the food and it cleared up. This most recent head soreness is nothing to do with the food allergy. I know this because when it showed up first, Indigo had a thorough examination plus skin scrapes at the vet's... it's all documented here on the site. No fleas then.

We've never had fleas, before. Cats get them from other cats, and from lying around in long grass and things like that, none of which my cats do, and even Theo on his daily walks doesn't have much chance to pick up anything, it's all concrete, round here. I suppose it's possible though. I mean there are other neighbourhood cats, and I suppose it only takes one, or two, I suppose, or one female about to lay eggs if that's how they do it, to be honest I've never looked at the reproductive cycle of a flea!

However, I suspect it's not Theo who's the culprit here. I go to my allotment and potter away, spending long periods of time kneeling on the ground in the grass and in the dirt and wiping my hands down my trousers. Of course I've made the acquaintance of the neighbourhood moggies as well. And then I come home to Indigo meowling for my attention, so what do I do? I immediately tell her what a beautiful puss she is... and scratch her on the head.

Face. Palm.

Yes, I suspect I have given my poor puss fleas! And been lax about flea defence, too! Being an indoor household, the cats have been getting flea treatments once every two or even three months, and only then as a precaution (In fact the last time they got them was the last time the kittens were treated) Not any more, they aren't. Monthly, on the dot, whether they like it or not, from now on! And the house will be sprayed, too. I will just arrange for half my wages to be paid directly to Frontline. The other half already gets mainlined to the vet's coffers.

Ah well. I suppose when one has cats, one will have to deal with fleas at some point or other. The other results of the tests were a very mild allergen response to several other things- dust, mould, etc, but clinically insignificant. And the tests for pollen etc didn't yield any response. So, without wishing to tempt fate in any way whatsoever, a good Frontline regime should sort Indie's head issues. Fingers crossed anyway.

I took that call earlier today. It's like hearing someone's child has headlice... straight away you begin to itch. Humans can't have cat fleas, but they can bite humans, so I suppose I'll know aaaaaaaaallllll about it if I don't get on top of the issue shortly. Ugh, ugh and ugh, as I said. Has it stopped me kissing and cuddling my Indie today though? Not on your nelly. She's still my angel... even if she is an old fleabag as well.

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