Sunday, 15 May 2011

Another Hairy Post

I got a parcel yesterday, from Zooplus. In it was the usual order, litter, food and stinky treat sticks for bribing-uh- encouraging the cats to come when called (for the vet, etc...) but this one contained something I've been wanting for a while, a Furminator. Or a FURminator, as I think it prefers to be called lol.

A Furminator is apparently a super- effective kind of cat brush that is good at removing loose undercoat (the undercoat being the bit that builds up for insulation over the winter months) and I've heard a lot of people rave about it. So naturally I had to see for myself.

I was a little sceptical I must admit, because as I said the other day, I brush nightly anyway (at this time of year) so how much was it likely to get out? Heh... LOADS, that's how much. What is more, both Ava and Sofia loved the feel of the brush so much that they both rolled onto their backs and permitted me to brush their tummies briefly with the Furminator... unheard of for both of them.

Theo wasn't so thrilled, although he isn't so thrilled at being brushed anyway. Apparently there's one that's slightly wider, that's better for longhair breeds. What tickled me though is that the Furminator even got some floof off Indigo. Ok, a very small amount, admittedly, she didn't stay still long enough, but I reckon if I did it every night, it would soon make a difference to the state of the furniture!

So I would heartily recommend one if shedding bothers you, or if it's something you have to control carefully because of allergies and so on. Or even if your cat enjoys a good brush, like I said both Ava and Sofia like brushing in general but they went bonkers for this particular one. Oh, but don't buy it from Zooplus... it's way cheaper at Amazon. I could have kicked myself when I realised... but it was already ordered then. Ah well!

I'll just add that if anyone was wondering, nope, I have not been paid to say this or sent the item free for review. I have not and would not ever review a product sent to me for free without telling you I was doing so, and actually reviewing it, so if it was rubbish I'd jolly well say. I would NEVER accept payment for 'bespoke content writers' to plug something on this blog. Anyway I paid for this Furminator... but if anyone wants to send me the 'longhair' one for free... *grin*

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