Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Introducing.... Indigo!

I've formally introduced the other cats... but not Indigo, apparently!

I insist you rectify that AT ONCE Madam... and couldn't you find a better picture than THAT?

This is Indigo, otherwise known as Indie, Inds, Pindie, Pindles, Babygirl... and occasionally Wendigo or Horrid Cat. She's a lilac solid Tonkinese, and I can honestly say I've never met a cat quite like her before!

Indigo is very motivated by people, she's extremely sociable- with people- and needs a lot of input to keep her happy. She's very cuddly, filling a lap the moment you've sat down. She has a trick of tipping herself upside down to be cradled, as you might a baby. She's completely bonkers, playing 'fetch' and other games like a dog, a trick she seems to have taught to at least one of her babies. She's active, alert and playful.

She's not keen on my other two girl cats, in fact I have to keep her mostly seperate from them, although they do occasionally bond over some catnip. However, Indigo is very fond of Theo, my floofy boy. She's also been an extremely good mother to her kittens, devoted and attentive, and from what I've heard the kittens are growing into affectionate and playful companions.

She can sometimes be a Royal Pain In The Butt... but I wouldn't be without her :)

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