Friday, 26 September 2014

Lucy Leaps

The difference in my cats' exercise technique. Lucy leaps all over the place, tripping over her own paws and falling into furniture. Indigo reclines and flaps a paw half heartedly around. Heh.

Theo will bounce around with Lucy, although not as long, although he doesn't in this video,  but Indigo's stance is entirely typical, and not just because she's pregnant!


Lucy has been benefitting from Indigo's increased feeding schedule rather too well, and her weight is creeping up at a rate not much less than her mother's. Lucy doesn't have kittens a-cooking though, so this is not a welcome occurrence. She's also responded to the more food with more pestering for food, driving me bonkers with claims she is 'wasting away here, lady!' when her belly shows a different story.

Sigh. I've yet to decide how to deal with it. As you can see, it isn't that she doesn't get enough exercise!


Inds 5.37kg
Lucy 3.94kg

We've been using Bozita chicken.  Bozita is apparently a bit Marmite, many cats can't stand it. My pair are firmly in the 'yes' camp though, and it's gone down well.

We've also been using Smilla tuna and sardine, which has NOT. It looks nice enough (as cat food goes) lots of big chunks of fish, I know it's decent quality and the cats eat it fine but dear God the STENCH! It really is gag- worthy. In addition, Inds has had several bouts of sickness  on it, which in all fairness is fairly typical of her in pregnancy, and also some litter box issues which is not... and equally gag-worthy. Definitely a food for stronger stomachs than we have round here.

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