Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fat Cats Continued...

Meant to post this last week... fail!

Ok, so I have weighed the cats and I am taking this as their official start weight (although Inds has lost some already, and Lucy had an initial loss when I switched the food and has now plateaued)

Lucy: 3.87kg
Indigo: 4.9kg

Their food arrived. Lots and lots of cans and packets. I figure on trying each one for a three day period, unless of course it's a total fail in which case NEXT! I guess three days will be enough time to figure out how much they like it

I thought to myself I had better find a feeding guide so I knew how much they each ought to be eating, and quickly realised there was a HUGE variation. Some foods are nutritionally very dense, others they need to eat twice as much or more for the same calories. Even with the Whiskas, 100g of the pouch food is equivalent to about 150g of the tinned.

It's very easy to overfeed a cat without even knowing, I guess is what I am saying.

Anyway, so chart made, which involved quite a lot of Maths because the feeding recommendations are per kg of cat and neither of mine are on convenient kg boundaries. It wasn't quite satisfactory though. It's all very well saying (as with the Smilla Tuna and Sardine) that I would need 2.67 cans for the day..., but I knew I'd not want to be measuring out .67 of a can, and what would I do with the remaining third anyway? Using it the next day would muck up the next day's amount and if I threw it away the waste would annoy me.  I decided I wouldn't do parts of cans but make up any shortfall with kibble. Cue even more Maths, as I worked out how much kibble would be needed on each day to make up the calorie shortfall. Then converted that into teaspoons because I think we all know that if I can't be bothered to divide up cans accurately, I am not going to get the scales out every morning.

Now it's a while since I did any Maths and it took ALL MORNING and I ended up with a thumping headache but I have a nice chart now that tells me that on 'Smilla' days, my girls need two 185g cans of the wet stuff and six teaspoons of kibble between them, on Bozita Chicken days they need an entire 370g tetra pack plus nine teaspoons of kibble but on Lily's Kitchen days they need the one 400g tin and no biccies at all.

It did occur to me, several times, that all this was a bit bonkers and I ought to just use my common sense... but given my cats are tubby I clearly have none where food is concerned and as for bonkers... yeah I have five cats... I think we passed that particular boundary some time ago *grin*

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