Thursday, 11 September 2014

Diet Fail!

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Butter wouldn't melt... hah!

Lucy: 3.85kgs
Indigo 5.00kgs

Oh Lucy. Lucy-Lulu. You are a bad, bad girl!

Lucy, it seems, is every bit as naughty as her Mama. This week she has broken into the kitchen twice (seems she can open doors now, hmm...) and caused a bit of mayhem. The first time she managed to knock over the (big, heavy) tub of kibble. The second time it was a quarter of a pot of cream I had stupidly left out on the side.

And guess who was only too happy to hoover up the mess? Yup, Indigo. The kibble day I was out on the school run at the time, and came back to Lucy sitting smugly on the counter, and Indigo face-first, having not so much a snack but a three course meal. With petit fours and cheese. Face. Palm.

Add this to a few teething troubles from our change of routine, for example the teenager forgetting to take up the other cats' kibble before he lets the Tonks out of the living room of a morning,  Madam Inds has actually put ON weight this week, instead of losing it. Not the most auspicious of starts, then!

Still, Lucy is doing well, pretty much the same, 20g less but that's not much and probably explained by the new toys I got them... a super feather stick which is a cheap version of a Da Bird or a Flying Frenzy (Trixie brand, from zooplus)- I am going to get the real thing though as I can see these aren't going to last long. Lucy loves it. Inds has had a few swipes, but Lucy goes wild and has probably burned off that 20g!

Better luck next week I hope. I have rearranged my kitchen, to make kibble-stealing much more difficult, and am considering a lock to keep my little vandal out of the room completely!!!


Just to record what they have tried:

Feringa: The first time I put it down, one sniff and Lucy was in, Indigo took a little longer to warm up, but by the time I was done in the shower the plates were clean, as they were for every meal after that. No litter box issues.

Bozita sensitive: There is sometimes a small amount left on the plates but this is quite low cal and there's a lot of it. Cats so-so and it is the most expensive option so probably not one we will choose long term. No litter box issues.

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