Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Theo Has A Girlfriend.

Why not put your feet up, Theo?
He has!

Theo isn't too tolerant of other cats, beyond his own household, of course. If he sees one during one of our walks, back go the ears, up goes the floof and the yowling begins. A couple of years ago a big bully cat, obviously a fighter, came prowling around. Theo coated the house liberally in urine, while bullycat peed up the outside wall. When they did come face to face though, accidentally, I might add, well... we haven't seen bullycat again.

I could never call Theo a clever cat, in fact he tends more towards the vacant half the time, bless him, but when it comes to defending his home he's right on the ball. Now he's neutered, but seems to have all the instincts of an entire tom in this respect. Other cats had better keep off his turf, or he'll let them know all about it.

He's gotten out a few times lately. The late winter/ early spring always seems to make him a bit restless, peeing episodes and the occasional escape being his preferred activities during this time. But this winter has been different in that the two times he's escaped, he's gone... next door. And spent his time chirruping at their cat. Yup... he escapes, he's free, he could climb the gate, wander the tops of the garages, slip through that hole in the fence onto that interesting smelling wooded bit, but no, he goes next door to flirt with their cat. *rolls eyes*

This is the same cat that for four and a half years Theo would chase on sight, and believe me when I say neither of them were playing. The language! I don't know why they have suddenly gotten so chummy. Who can fathom the ways of cats eh?


  1. Sweet cuddly boy Theo. Mojo has been widdling in the house and I think that's because of bully cats in the garden. Dont know what to do as he hates being shut in.
    Bought myself a blacklight, I'd rather know where's he's been than not been, even if its depressing...
    Any ideas what I can do? He nearly ruined a box of very expensive art books..

    1. Clean with special cat spray or bio washing powder as kitchen spray etc makes it smell even more inviting to cats, move his litter box over the artea or put down tinfoil. Or put his food bowl where he's widdled as they typically don't go where their dinner is, although this never sems to stop Theo I must say. Other than that if you have any bright ideas do let me know!!!! Grrrr art books. Glad they are OK.