Friday, 8 February 2013

The Joys Of Spring

It's that time of year again. Springtime. The time when Theo feels the need to coat the house in liberal amounts of urine to show any passing female he is indeed The Mancat About Town.

Oh.... good.

Indigo just went into semi-heat, I managed to pill her in enough time to avoid the yowls but we had several days of the most lascivious rolling imaginable, the hussy. This has encouraged Theo into his latest efforts. And he is very displeased with me at the moment, because I, understandably, do not appreciate the house being scented like a festival portaloo, and have been fighting back with every trick in the book.

Today, I'd just finished cleaning my kitchen floor with vast amounts of anti-catstink solution. Theo was watching me, with a horrified expression on his face... what did I think I was doing, mopping up all the delightful smells he had so carefully laid? Was I insane??? If ever I saw a cat look disgusted, he did. And just to emphasize his disgust he twitched his tail, and piddled all up the wall.


He then looked at me, to see if I'd got the message, and stalked off in a huff. Whereupon I collapsed into a fit of giggles before reaching for the spray again. You can't win this one Theo my old chum... although I'm sure you will keep trying for a while.

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  1. Yeah I have this trouble with Mojo, so much for neutering... I'm sure they do it to make a point.