Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Little bit o nip...

Indigo trials the catnip banana...
... while Ava gets high on the chilli pepper
It's ridiculous really. The cats have a bajillion and one toys, most of which they totally ignore, but still I find myself incapable of going onto a pet store and not picking a new one up. This time it was brightly coloured catnip toys. 'Cosmic Catnip'. They are apparently filled with 100% strong, American nip, and true enough, you could smell it in the pet shop
The cats could certainly smell it. The moment I got home they all woke up, sniffing, eager to get at what was in the bags, and I immediately regretted only buying two- Ava and Theo had to wait for their fix. I bought a pepper and a banana, but there were four more in the set, which doesn't bode well for future spending! But they weren't too expensive- £3- £4 each I think, so we might find a fish, or a carrot, or whatever joins the collection some time soon.
The nipfest is, for now, over, temporarily at least, the toys are limp and drool-sodden (urgh) and all four mogs are sozzled. Recommended!

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  1. This might be just what my boys need to calm them down!