Sunday, 15 April 2012


Your camera waving bores me, lady...

Hah... Rescue Remedy in the water and all is once again serene. The water is now plain again and the chilled outness continues, sometimes all it takes is to break the cycle of- well I don't know what it was, but something was bothering them, clearly!

Perhaps it was just me being away/ around sporadically that set them off. Cats are very much creatures of habit, and don't like change. Oddly enough, they sometimes cope better with a big change (like going into a cattery) than a little one (staying at home whilst their people are away) Indigo fits into this category.

Speaking of catteries, I have a few to visit next week. I don't think I'll  have a housesitter for my holidays this year, just neighbours to pop in and out, and whilst that will suit Ava and Sofia nicely, being sensible cats, there's no chance I'm risking the panicked widdle-fest Indigo embarked on 2 years ago when I tried the same thing. It's the kennels for her. And I suspect Theo would be happier with that setup too, so he can keep her company. Luckily we have several locally to choose from :)


  1. Glad everythings calmed down there.
    I could do with some Rescue Remedy here. The kitten has arrived and is scaring the willies off the big boys, the big wimps!
    I broke my bottle of Feliway as well.. grrr..

  2. Hi Beth,
    We are taking a week's holiday later in the year (in the UK) and have decided to take Lola and Lottie with us. Have found a pet friendly cottage though they are charging £25 - £25! - per pet extra. Hopefully the ladies will prefer being with us in a different house to being in a cattery. Any tips on how to cope with the journey (3 -4 hours I think) gratefully received....
    Both girls still doing fine, growing apace; starting to think about organising their ops for next month.
    Best wishes,

    1. Well, I would spray the inside of the carrier with Feliway and Rescue Remedy their water, but I have to tell you, they may still object to the journey. My Inds howls the whole time she is in a carrier, and when its the two hour journey to the stud's, that makes for a stressful journey! But then I take her alone, so maybe if you have an extra big carrier and put them in together that will help them feel nice and calm.

      Can't believe its nearly snip time... how the time flies! Thanks for the update :)