Saturday, 7 April 2012

Oh, She's A Nag...

Twice this week I've been away overnight. Twice, on my return, I've been treated to the most almighty and drawn out telling off from Indigo! She yowled at me for a good half an hour, swishing her tail and generally being a most put out cat. Indigo does Not Approve of me going away, not in the slightest!!!

Ava and Sofia are pleased to see me home but show their pleasure in purrs and head butts instead of nags. Theo's much more chilled about it all so long as there's food (although he does tend to sleep next to me on my return, and is even more solicitous than usual about accompanying me to the bathroom...) But Indigo really does not thrive unless there's a person there to love her, and she makes it well known, too.

Oh well, she is a Tonk. On the one hand they are super-social, on the other... well... take that away, and they are unhappy. Oh well, I've had some nice cuddles today. Inds has clearly decided if she sits on me all day I can't go anywhere!

1 comment:

  1. Awww.. she obviously prefers human company to feline, bless her!
    Dom howls when I'm in a seperate room, he must have some Tonk genes in him somewhere, or he's learned it off one (he was in a house with lots of cats and I think they had a couple of oriental types).
    We get our Tonk next weekend! I hope he gets on with the other boys... I'm hoping he'll sit on me all day like Inds and then I cant do any housework.. lol