Friday, 10 June 2011

Long Time, No Post

Well, not that long. But long enough to get an email or two asking if things are ok! Yup, they are fine... some of you know that my other hobby, besides all things cat, is my allotment, and it's that manic time of year when everything needs to go in the ground RIGHT NOW NOT A MOMENT TO LOSE and so I've been spending my free time planting. Ho hum.

Your excuses bore me, lady...

It's also been a busy time of year as all four cats need yearly vaccinations, and Theo looked as though he was going to have another one of his unwell episodes. For a couple of days he'd been quite subdued, sleepy and generally 'not quite right'. I got to the vet, and he decided he was perfectly alright again, stalking round the office, tail swishing, rubbing his head on everything in sight etc. As a precaution, the vet took his temperature, and it was actually quite high, so he had antibiotics anyway, and he's been all right since, so heaven knows what the matter was. Anyway with that and the vaccinations we've visited the vet a lot of late too. But that's not exactly unusual round here!

Anyway, so that's been us. Hopefully it won't be so long before the next post :)

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