Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hormonal Indigo

When a cat is on a contraceptive, it takes a while for that to leave her system. Indigo is currently no longer being given Ovarid, and is showing signs of regular 'cycling' as her body ramps up for kittens again. Of course, being Indigo, she has her ways of letting me know... yes, another wee incident. This time all over my cotton handbag! She always chooses things that belong to me to mark, and stupid me had left it lying about.

I'm reminded of another Indigo story. Indigo's inappriopriate elimination is manageable and occasional these days, but... well at one point it was really bad and she was piddling all over, all the time. I THOUGHT it was behavioural, but of course, I wanted her to be checked at the vets to make sure she didn't have any kind of infection going on first. So in she went. Well, she refused to pee into the nice non absorbent litter the vets had, so they kept her in overnight, and half the next day- still no pee.

So eventually they extracted some urine with a needle, and I could take her home. So I lifted her up , whereupon she promptly did 24 hours worth of piddle... all over me and the cat carrier. She's a bad, bad girl, that one!!!

Anyway, nothing was up, and it was behavioural, related to her sexual maturity and 'marking' her territory  to the other cats, and we DID eventally sort it out. But it took time and this is another reason why it's so important to neuter your non breeding animals... adult cats, girls AND boys, can have some horrid (but quite natural, cats are animals not people) habits that will distress their humans... and once they start, it's harder to stop the problem. Much better to snip them and prevent any issues in the first place!

If you don't snip your kitties... well on your carpets (and towels, and handbags and shoes and soft furnishings) be it, basically!

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