Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Say Cheese

The blood tests have gone off, but I do have some good news. Despite not having eaten anything for 12 hours (for the blood test), Ava is still showing a weight gain on last time and is now nearly 6.9 lbs... almost at the bottom of the 'normal' range for a cat her size. Whoop! Really pleased, all that sneaking her extra cheese and cat treats is paying off. Yes I KNOW that isn't exactly healthy for a cat, but frankly I don't care- I don't think obesity is a big concern for her right at the moment!

Anyway two lots of blood are packaged nicely up and by tonight will be winging their way to two seperate labs, one locally to look at her white blood calls, and one in Glasgow, I believe (!) to rule out the big cat 'nasties'- FeLV, FIV and coronavirus.(FIP) Results back in a week, I hope.

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