Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ignore The Mess

... but there are FOUR cats in this picture and no-one is attempting to murder anyone else...

Can you see them?

Ava and Indigo on the bed, Theo in the cat tree 'hammock', Sofia up the top. I am absolutely astounded. What is more, they've been like it for over two hours now...

I've never quite lost hope for Ava and Indigo, you know. They used to snuggle, before Indigo got big and bolshy, and Ava used to call to Indigo a lot when they were seperated. I've seen them sniffing each other a lot recently. I've also seen Inds being an outrageous bully so I don't set that much store by a few sniffs, but it wasn't long ago when Indigo would shriek and posture on the merest sight of any other cat (bar Theo) so we have moved on. Somewhat. Ava would love to be friends I suspect. We'll see.

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