Thursday, 13 September 2012


I'm still in charge...

Things are calmer on the whole integration front. There are still multiple bust-ups per day but they are shorter lived and far less likely to turn nasty.

The moggy sisters' boundaries have extended. Sofia will come into the living room now, and I've even seen shy Ava in the hallway. Admittedly she's most comfortable, they both are, when Inds is in her room for the night, when they don't have to watch out for a nasty look or a spitting face off, but they are all shaking down together nicely.

It feels like we are winning, slowly but surely.

Theo, on the other hand, is indulging in a veritable spray-fest, so I must target him for some particular attention. On that note, I'd best take him out for his walk as the skies are looking grey.

......... and I thought I'd posted this already! Skies now blue and sunny! Another walk, Theo?

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