Monday, 8 August 2011

The Mighty Huntress

And all that was left was a feather...

Heh... lots of pictures of Sofia of late! I couldn't resist, having managed to take several that didn't just come up as a vaguely cat shaped black blob. It'll be another 6 months now before I manage to get a passable one

Sofia is very brave when it comes to duffing up a feather teaser, but not so brave when when confronted wuth a live enemy! I forgot to shut the living room door earlier, and Sofia decided to saunter in. Of course Indigo objected to this state of affairs. Indigo chased Sofia up the hall and naturally much kitty foul language was uttered. Mainly by Indigo I suspect, who is never slow to let loose, vocally. A lady she is not!

*sigh* poor Sofia! I suspect that Sofia would, now, co-operate with Inds given the chance, I'm not saying they would be buddies, but they might at least avoid/ tolerate each other. But Indigo now has a total hate on both the other girls, and won't budge from that. I must say it does make things jolly difficult.

Well, unless I get the catnip out. Then it's a different story, for a few minutes, at least...

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