Sunday, 21 June 2015

An update

What a long time it has been since I last posted!

2015 has been a vile year. I've come to blog so many times, but found that actually I had nothing to say. Yup, me, who could blog every day and not run out of things to witter on about.

Early in January, I had the news that an Indikon cat from the first litter had been diagnosed with, and subsequently passed away from, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Dear Jacob- little Wendell- so sparky and full of life. His Mum, and brother Jonah (Indikon Monty) have felt the loss very deeply and I'm sure will do for some time.

You may recall that another kitten from the litter, Kensey, passed away last year from the same condition. That makes two from the same litter and the possibility- for there is no data or tests for this condition in the Tonkinese- that it could be something heritable. I have been able to contact most of my families from over the years to discuss this and fortunately the issue, if it is an inherited thing, seems to be confined to the one litter as far as we can tell at present.

Needless to say, though, I have had both Indigo and Lucy neutered and my line is finished. Indigo was sedated and scanned, which to my relief showed no evidence of HCM in her at present. I haven't the heart to start breeding again,  although I hasten to add I will always be available to Indikon families for help and advice, or just updates. I love to receive them as you know.

Around the same time, we lost Lucy's kittens of course. These things happen when breeding, and to an extent one must be pragmatic about it, but it was very distressing all round. The birth, the aftermath, Lucy's grief... all absolutely horrid. Lucy, I may add, is completely back to health now and very happy being the pampered 'baby' of the household!

And now? Well troubles always come in threes, they say, and this was another bad one; our beautiful Sofia was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

We don't know how long she has left, maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe even months, but it isn't treatable. Or rather, the likelihood of it being treatable is very low even with extremely aggressive treatment and I won't put her through that. She's had one lump removed, a painful and unsightly tumour on her lip, but by that stage it was already too late and a second mass was rapidly growing on her neck. The neck tumour does not appear to be painful, and although Sofia is sleepier than usual, she seems to be enjoying life in her usual manner. But it can't be long. 'Maybe two months' said the vet, and that was nearly two months ago so really we're on borrowed time now.

So yes. 2015. Really it hasn't been pleasant at all. With everything there are bright spots and things to look forward to though. A friend's much longed for baby on the way. Lots of craft projects planned- I've learned to use a sewing machine and taken up quilting, of all things! And I've now done my exams and an 'off' till September. This means I have a lot of free time to spend with the cats, and in particular Sofia. Which is just what I want to do at this time. I'm very lucky really :)

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