Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The teenager's bedroom is currently being redecorated. He is sleeping in the living room, which is, still, a living room. All his stuff, however, is in my bedroom. As you can see.

This includes the cats. The teenager doesn't like cats in his room, and given that it is his room, I am not going to insist (although I do occasionally let the better behaved cats in for a break if things get a bit tense.) We've also had the walls in the kitchen and bathroom bleached and repainted with anti mould paint (damp... sigh) so those rooms have been out of action too. The hall is full of mattresses and not yet put together furniture. So they really have been all thrown together in the one room.

It's been interesting really. Six months ago, I couldn't have considered it, of course, Indigo would have had to go to a cattery. Now... well they have all coped. Remarkably well, actually.

It hasn't been ideal. Poor Ava has found herself out in the hallway at night as Indigo won't let her near the bed, (which she naturally insists in being in ALL NIGHT, under the bedcovers, and my goodness, how comes one normal sized cat takes up about 75% of the bed?) I have quite a long scratch from Indigo as she launched herself at Ava one evening whilst having a cuddle. There have also been several 2am yowling matches with Sofia, and Theo has taken to spraying the door, just to let everyone know it's HIS room, actually. It's upset their little equilibriums (equilibrii?) enough to say Indigo won't be getting full time bedroom access any time soon.

 It's funny to think I used to have to keep the two sets of cats totally separate. It seems a long, long time ago, but it wasn't really. I'll still be using a cattery for holidays away- they all get along, sort of, if I am there to referee, but I dread to think of the shenanigans that would ensue if I wasn't about. But still, it's promising.

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  1. Glad they are all getting on a bit better.
    I sympathise with your bed sharing with a Tonk. Mojo stretches himself right out and then kicks me with his back feet. And my other two sleep on top sometimes which means I get a space the size of a postage stamp!