Friday, 15 July 2011

Genetics: This Is A Black Cat

This is a black cat. (it is in fact a teenaged Sofia looking very peculiar! All angles.)

This is also a black cat..?

Um... this is a black cat.... huh? *checks notes wildly*

Oh, now really.... black cat? Surely not!

So many cats... so many beautiful colours, but genetically speaking there's only one cat colour. Genetically speaking, all cats are black. (Well, brown. Well, brown tabby really, but we'll go into all that another day!)

Thing is... three of my cats are quite obviously NOT black... so how does that happen? I'll be talking more about it in subsequent blog posts, but basically cats have a whole bunch of other genes that can control the way the basic colour expresses itself on the cat's coat. And then of course cats can have a pattern, like tabby.

But basically I own four black cats... with three of them having other genes that give them a different pattern, or mask and/or modify the black to give them all a unique look.

Which we'll look at another day, folks! You lucky things!

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